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Pre-release checks

By default axion-release-plugin runs verifyRelease task before performing release. You can control which checks are enabled by default using scmVersion.checks properties:

scmVersion {
    checks {
        uncommittedChanges = false
        aheadOfRemote = false
        snapshotDependencies = false

You can also use release.disableChecks flags to disable all checks for current release build:

./gradlew release -Prelease.disableChecks

Uncommited changes check

This check seeks staged, but uncommitted changes in repository. It will stop the build if they are found. Since in some corner cases JGit behaves different than shell git, this task will print all staged and unstaged changes as seen by plugin on failure:

./gradlew release
Looking for uncommitted changes.. FAILED

Staged changes:

Unstaged changes:
    modified: build.gradle

You can disable this check using either scmVersion.checks.uncommitedChanges property or via release.disableUncommittedCheck command line option:

./gradlew release -Prelease.disableUncommittedCheck

Ahead of remote check

This check tries to verify if all local commits have been pushed to remote. In order to do so, it need full information about remote and HEAD commit, which might be lacking in CI environment (for more on CI build read CI Servers).

You can disable this check using either scmVersion.checks.aheadOfRemote property or via release.disableRemoteCheck command line option:

./gradlew release -Prelease.disableRemoteCheck

Snapshot dependencies check

This check performs validation that the build has no snapshot libraries in dependencies.

You can disable this check using either scmVersion.checks.snapshotDependencies property or via release.disableSnapshotsCheck command line option:

./gradlew release -Prelease.disableSnapshotsCheck