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Overriding version

If you are not happy with version provided by axion-release you can force own version using release.forceVersion flag:

./gradlew release -Prelease.forceVersion=3.0.0

Forced version is treated as version read from repository, so it still will go through version version-decorating process:

# ./gradlew currentVersion -Prelease.forceVersion=3.0.0

# git checkout my-branch

# ./gradlew currentVersion -Prelease.forceVersion=3.0.0

Empty release.forceVersion is ignored.

Force snapshot version

If you want to override the default snapshot check logic, you can ask axion to generate snapshot version (as if you would have some committed changes) using release.forceSnapshot flag. It's especially useful with integration with CI servers when you want to ensure that CI build plans always to produce and publish snapshot artifacts (contrary to release plans):

./gradlew build publish -Prelease.forceSnapshot