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axion-gradle-plugin adds 6 new Gradle tasks:

  • verifyRelease
  • release
  • createRelease
  • pushRelease
  • currentVersion
  • markNextVersion


Runs all checks before release. release task depends on it. See checks for detailed configuration.


Atomically run pre-release actions ([hooks]{role="doc"}), create release tag and push it to remote. This task is equivalent of running createRelease and pushRelease in a single run. The crucial difference is, release task guarantees release & push operations will be called in single task run without other tasks interrupting. In case of calling createRelease and pushRelease via dependsOn, it is up to Gradle to create task execution graph, meaning there is no guarantee of these tasks running exactly one after another.


Run pre-release actions (Pre/post release hooks) and create release tag.


Push tag to remote.


Print current version as seen by axion-gradle-plugin. It\'s most convenient to use cV abbreviation when running this task often (Gradle understands camel-case abbreviations).

By default this task outputs:

Project version: <version>

If plain output is needed, call:

./gradlew cV -q -Prelease.quiet


Create next-version marker tag, that affects current version resolution. Tag is pushed to remote. See Next version markers for details.