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Dry run & local only release

In some cases, especially when setting up axion-release-plugin or experimenting with new features it is desirable to either avoid modification of repository or to persist changes in local repository only.

Dry run

In dry-run mode, no changes are made to repository. axion-release still interacts with repository to read things, but all write operations are mocked and printed out to indicated what would happen. To use dry run mode:

#./gradlew release -Prelease.dryRun
DRY-RUN: uncommitted changes: true
Looking for uncommitted changes.. FAILED
DRY-RUN: ahead of remote: true
Checking if branch is ahead of remote.. FAILED
Creating tag: v0.8.2
DRY-RUN: creating tag with name: v0.8.2
Pushing all to remote: origin
DRY-RUN: pushing to remote: origin

Local only

In local only mode any actions that interact with remote are skipped. Local only mode can be switch on either using command line flag:

./gradlew release -Prelease.localOnly

or by altering configuration:

scmVersion {
    localOnly = true

Flag has precedence over configuration. Local only mode is evaluated lazily, so it can be changed during build.